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Heads Up !

Notes to Boarders & Lesson Riders

September 2023

  • As we wait for winter, please be aware there can be dramatic and sudden temperature and precipitation shifts.  Please make sure you blanket your horse accordingly for the weather.  Riders of lesson horses, if you are unsure of how to blanket your lesson horse accordingly, please consult with your instructor.

  • The outdoor arena is now open, but if it has been significantly raining please check with Tricia for the status of the outdoor arena.

  • Remember, do not put blankets on a wet/damp horse and turn them out.  They need to be dry under their liners and blankets.

  • The backtrack is harrowed and open to ride on –  Anyone riding a school horse must check with their instructor BEFORE going out.  Unless you are in a lesson or have signed the Independent Jumping Waiver, you may not jump the XC jumps.  Please avoid tracking through any wet areas.

  • Remember, free rides can only take place in arenas when NO group lessons are going on.

  • Please ensure you are cleaning up after your horse in the arenas AND the alleys. 

  • Please keep a regular eye on your emails from us so you can have the most up-to-date news.  Questions?  Please contact us.

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