Heads Up !

Notes to Boarders & Lesson Riders

January 2022

  • Sandridge is following all government regulations for Covid-19 protocols and the exemption program.  Please wear masks in all indoor spaces where required.  Masks are not required in the arena when exercising horses.

  • As we come in and out of the lovely Polar Vortexes of winter, please make sure you have blanketed your horse accordingly for the weather.

  • Indoor boarders can ride with little effect as their horses do not have to go back out into the extreme cold after work, however, outdoor board horses should likely not be worked on extremely cold days/nights so that they can focus on staying warm rather than going through extreme temperature changes.

  • DO NOT clip or reclip any horses during the extreme cold.

  • Remember, do not put blankets on a wet/damp horse and turn them out.  They need to be dry under their liners and blankets.

  • Please keep a regular eye on your emails from us so you can have the most up-to-date news.  Questions?  Please contact us.