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Lesson Inquiries

At Sandridge, we have many different types of lessons. 


Before you can enter our lesson program, we need to know some important information about you.  To get more information about our lessons, complete the form below and click the submit button.  We will contact you to set up the next steps.

Based on the information you provide, and what you are looking for in terms of lessons, we may need to conduct a riding assessment to best place you into one of our programs.  We will discuss this with you when we respond to your lesson inquiry.

Sandridge Lesson Inquiries

Completing this online inquiry registration form does NOT commit you to any of our programs, it is simply a means to let us know you are interested in finding out more about what our lesson and/or competitive programs are all about.

I would like to (check all that apply)
What type(s) of lessons/riding are you enquiring about? (check all that apply)
Rider Information

If you are enquiring for more than one rider, and there are significant differences in previous riding experience and skill please fill out a new lesson inquiry form for each rider.  If they are the same or very similar in level of experience, then you can just indicate the second rider in the "Tell Us More..." section and that they have the same or similar experience.

Help us understand your previous riding experience(s). Check all that apply

Thank you for your interest in our programs, you will be contacted by a member of our team : )

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