LESSON & Riding 


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We are proud to offer excellence in instruction with the most up to date coaches and standards in a top quality facility with a focus on classical education and rider safety.


Riding provides opportunities to participate in sport either competitively or recreationally and develop a personal relationship with one of nature’s most amazing creatures, the horse.  It is one of the few sports where one may take part from a very early age and continue ever more skilfully into their senior years. 


Riders who want simply to enjoy riding for pleasure, benefit greatly from an enhanced partnership with their horses while those who are so motivated, can pursue a career or take their equestrian sport all the way to the Olympic Games.  Whatever direction you want to go in, Sandridge Stables has the program to help you accomplish your goals. 

All lessons are on a monthly basis, meaning they are continuous 12 months of the year.   We offer group programming as well as private lessons and coaching.

Please complete an online lesson inquiry form, or email Tricia directly for more information.



For all adults, from those curious about the world of riding or wanting to return to the saddle after some years away. Beginner to Advanced programming available.




For youth and children between the ages of 6 to 18. Students are grouped according to level of skill & abilities.

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We offer training and high performance coaching to compete in Eventing, Jumping & Dressage for youth and adults.