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Sponsorship Sign Up

It Takes Many Hands To Make a Great Show Great!

We are in need of both volunteers for the day before and day of the show as well as sponsors for cash and prizes.  Please sign up below if you can help out.  We will contact you with details closer to the day of the show.

Volunteer & Sponsorship On Line Sign Up Form

If you are willing and able to either volunteer and/or sponsor the show, please complete the online sign up form below.  The office will contact you to confirm before the show.

Do you want to volunteer, sponsor or both? (check all that apply):
How would you like to sponsor the show?:

What would you specifically like to sponsor/donate?  If cash, please let us know the amount.  If a prize, please let us know the prize.  All sponsorship is greatly appreciated!

What position(s) are you interested in (check all that apply):
Volunteer Positions and Duties Descriptions

Show Secretary - Coordinates entries, ensures payment, gives out numbers.

Scorekeeper - Tallies show points, tabulates placings and show champ.

Prize Giver - Hands out prizes at end of classes

Jump Judge - Judges jumper rounds

Jump Crew - Picks up rails down (great ab work out)

Dressage Judge - Judges dressage classes

Dressage Scribe - write marks and assists dressage judge

Canteen - operates food concession - basic or all out - you decide, you make the money

Set Up - helps set up jump courses and dressage ring - Friday

Timer - Times jumper rounds as needed

General - whatever you can think of

Groundskeeper/General - General & Parking assistance, pick up manure, garbage

Thank you for your contribution!  Someone will contact you with details soon.

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