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Protocols @ Sandridge

Health and safety is a priority at Sandridge Stables.  Below you will find our COVID-19 protocols to help ensure we all stay healthy.

Be part of the solution to staying healthy at Sandridge Stables:

  • Block in your planned time at the barn from arrival to departure on the Sandridge Stables (SRS) - Share the Space Calendar. (please make sure you have blocked your time a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled arrival) 

  • Pay attention to how many people are signed up on the calendar to avoid exceeding the allowed capacity of 10 people at any given time in the barn. 

  • DO NOT wear your town gloves into the barn.  Please leave them in your vehicle.

  • Keep your barn gloves in your locker.

  • BEFORE getting your horse, please sign in and out in the main barn entrance and hand sanitize upon entry and departure.

  • Due to the heightened COVID concerns, as per government regulations, all people are to wear masks while at the barn.  Masks are not required while riding.

  • Please DO NOT bring any extra people to watch or help.

  • If you use the school tack, please clean, sanitize and put it away before leaving.

  • Please try to tack up at a designated tack station.

  • Please spray down your tack area before you leave.

  • Please try to limit your barn time to 2 hours.  Although you need to ensure your horse is dry and properly blanketed before you turn them out.  If you have any questions about this, please ask us.

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