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It is important for us to know what riding program is best for you.  If we are unsure of what specific class to place you after you have shared your previous riding experiences, we will ask to book you for a trial assessment lesson.


Based upon consultation with you, we will put you into an active group lesson to better determine your skill level so we know how to most appropriately place you in our program. 


Private riding assessments may also be available depending on scheduling needs.

What do you need for a riding assessment?


  • a scheduled ride time (confirmed by Tricia or one of her instructors)

  • arrive 20-30 minutes prior to riding to meet your horse and assist with the final preparation of your horse

  • an approved riding helmet (we can provide one if needed)

  • Riding boots (a min. 1/2" heel)

  • Breeches (recommended)

We will determine if we need to book one for you.
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