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Sandridge Equine Services


Sandridge Equine Services Mission Statement

“A Student is not a collection of faults, but rather a learner who has mastered some things before others”.

The equestrian journey is a commitment to excellence in pursuit of personal and technical development that takes a lifetime to achieve. Sandridge Equine Services seeks to uphold the highest possible standards of quality in coaching, horsemanship and rider development. As reflected in our motto, we strive to pursue peak achievement in physical, mental and emotional skills. We are dedicated to effort and excellence, both in and out of the competition arena, to the best of our abilities.

Although individuals, everyone is part of a larger group,  and as such, recognizes that the achievements and actions of each, reflect upon all. We intend to act in good faith for the best interest of the whole. The highest standards of respect and courtesy are anticipated and expected. The best interest of our equine partners is always paramount and takes precedence over our personal goals. Together we support the struggles of the learner, we cheer the achievements of the victor.

“Ride the way you want to”


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