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Exciting News!

Sandridge Stables is now Sandridge Equestrian!

Tricia Dahms has sold her farm and is excited to refocus her services to support the English equestrian community. For coaches, Tricia is offering a variety of support services such as stand-in coaching for those who need to step away from their programs, mentoring, and helping coaches prepare for Equestrian Canada coaching certifications.  For riders, Tricia is offering Freelance Coaching in dressage, jumping and cross-country. Additionally, Tricia is a certified Equestrian Canada Evaluator for Rider Level Testing and is available to be an evaluator for your rider level testing program.  



Tricia is an Equestrian Canada certified High-Performance Coach with 40 years of teaching and coaching experience.  Yes, those two things are related but different.  As a former member of the Canadian National Eventing Team, she can utilize this experience to support your coaching in jumping and dressage. She also ran her own successful riding programs at her stable for over 30 years and understands the pressures coaches face in running the entire 'show'. 

She offers coaching support in a variety of formats:


  • Mentoring hours

  • Plans and ideas for challenging students and horses and freshening up your exercises

  • Helping coaches prepare for and succeed in the NCCP certification exams

  • Relief coaching – because even superwomen need a break sometimes!

  • Obtaining Rider Levels to fulfill pre-requisites for coaching exams

She is excited to offer coaching support in a variety of formats. Contact her to inquire and set up a consultation.


Stand-in Coaching

Need a break?  Have an emergent situation that requires you to step away from the arena?  Don't want to disappoint your students or disrupt your lesson scheduling?  Call in Tricia to come instruct in your place.  Tricia brings a respect for your coaching style and system that can offer you the opportunity for someone to fill in while maintaining your students’ satisfaction in their program and progress.


Coaching Certification Preparation

Are you looking to obtain your coaching certification?  Would you like to understand better what you need to focus on to help you achieve first time success in the exam?  The certification process can feel complex and intimidating but Tricia has extensive experience in helping to prepare coaches for a successful outcome.  She offers preparation for coaches in private or group sessions.


Having previously been a coaching examiner and as a coach developer, Tricia can help you navigate the certification system as you obtain your pre-requisites and prepare more confidently for the exam requirements.

Coaching in Florida.jpg

Coach Mentoring

Planning to obtain your coaching certification?  Need your pre-requisite Rider Levels?  Tricia can help you to evaluate your testing readiness and/or prepare successfully for the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) exams.   Tricia understands that busy coaches struggle to find the time to go to out for their own lessons and coaching development.  She can schedule a consultation in your own facility to offer efficiency in your schedule.


Need some help to refresh your coaching exercises?  Set up a consultation to see how she can assist you to maintain excellence in your programming or even bring a new approach to break through with challenging students and horses. Use the mentoring process to refine and focus your lesson structure and delivery.



or Group Lessons

Experience Top Level Coaching & Instruction at Your Barn

Whether you want to focus on riding fundamentals or refine your skills in jumping and/or dressage, Tricia is proud to offer excellence in English equestrian instruction, utilizing the most up-to-date standards with a focus on classical education and rider safety.  As a master coach, Tricia loves to work with riders of all levels and ages.

Riding provides opportunities to participate competitively or recreationally and develop a personal relationship with one of nature’s most amazing creatures, the horse. It is one of the few sports in which one may take part from a very early age and continue ever more skillfully into one's senior years. 

Riders who want to simply enjoy riding for pleasure benefit greatly from an enhanced partnership with their horses, while those who are so motivated can pursue a career or take their equestrian sport all the way to the Olympic Games. Whatever direction you want to go, Sandridge Equine Services can help you accomplish your goals. 

Contact Tricia to inquire about this and schedule a consultation to discuss your instructional needs.



Obtaining Rider Levels is a great way to validate your skills, recognize your achievements and is an essential pre-requisite in coaching certification.  These are nationally recognized standards in riding with international equivalencies. 


Tricia can help you understand what level to start at, how to present yourself in the Rider Test and how to ensure a successful outcome.  Her students have a 98% success rate in passing their Rider Testing Exams.


Tricia is qualified to test through Rider Levels 1 thru 8 and can help you set up a Testing date and provide assistance in the intricacies of efficiently scheduling the many facets involved.  To set up a Rider Testing date at your facility or join another Testing opportunity contact Tricia.

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